Raw Spaghetti (Vegan, Raw)

Junior and I did one week of eating only raw foods. We find that changing your diet can spark new ideas with cooking. With a raw diet, nothing can be heated past 35 degrees Celsius. Growing sprouts and beans is a method used within the raw diet. Also, drying out vegetables in the sun. I […]

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OkToBeEr 2016

October came and left with our trip from Indonesia, back to Darwin and finally hitting up the East Coast of Australia. It started with a bang and splash, jump jump on a Water Rafting trip down a Balinese River. Our tour guide was great; he did the 2 hour rafting trip 3-4 times a day. […]

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Back to Taco Business 

So after a few weeks of wondering Tasmania and landing a job at Josef Chromy Winery, that’s a story for another post as we are still living out the truck. Soon we can update everyone on our wild, stupendous adventure that never has a dull moment. We have done twice private taco meals for awesome […]

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A September To Remember!

Just as the many months before, Work was main thing in life. It was getting closer to our retirement of work and needed to find a truck preferably a 4WD. After a quick look on Gumtree (Australia’s Craigslist), there was one just posted. A cruise through the neighborhood, we checked it out. It had everything […]

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What a Circle we have done. 

So after 7 months or so we are back in Melbourne to ride the ferry over to Tasmania. We have celebrity Chef Andy from Germany working with us as we take on Chapel Street. Come and get tacos whilst they are warm.  Any Australians know where to get Maize/Maze Flour. Preferably a brand name MASECA, […]

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