Back to Taco Business 

  • So after a few weeks of wondering Tasmania and landing a job at Josef Chromy Winery, that’s a story for another post as we are still living out the truck. Soon we can update everyone on our wild, stupendous adventure that never has a dull moment. We have done twice private taco meals for awesome people we’ve met in Tasmania. 
  • Launceston has become our new home with amazing vibes. Tonight we’ll spread the Taco Love after making burritos for the staff at work. 
  • We have found Blue Maseca and made the throwback Medium Salsa from our Beach House Taco working days. Come join the happiness, love and most importantly good food.
  • It was a success, have out 30 tacos in an hour just outside the Beer fest. Met some awesome people that led us to the pub and had a great night. 

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