A September To Remember!

Just as the many months before, Work was main thing in life. It was getting closer to our retirement of work and needed to find a truck preferably a 4WD. After a quick look on Gumtree (Australia’s Craigslist), there was one just posted. A cruise through the neighborhood, we checked it out. It had everything we need, Rooftop Tent, Awning on the side, Spacious boot and a back seat. It was a great find so we agreed to purchase it. The owner needed it for another week, now we needed to sell our van. The second person to look at it was sold, one day we bought the truck and following day sold our van. A quick smooth transaction.

For our friend Ziggy’s birthday, we did a trial of our Food Truck goal. Cooked some beans, chopped up some Pico De Gallo, made Mexican rice and served as a taco with some tortillas. It was a success, everyone seemed to enjoy the food and were excited for us. A beautiful outdoor patio setup that Clo created. That night we met up with an Old Friend Mr. Fireball and it was surely tasty. The night was exquisite and all were happy for life.

A week or so later, we finally made it to another festival, Agathering. Originally suppose to be at the wonderful Litchfield National Park, later moved to Darwin Showgrounds, not the best but can’t complain to escape a bit of reality with others feeling the same. Enthusiastically, Ben and I decided to bring our Teepee with us. It went up smooth and our neighbors had a little mini one. All our flatmates made it to the festival and there we danced the days away. The first night we were gifted a natural unsuspecting shower from this beautiful Earth. Many with electronics in their pockets scattered to their cars and the rest just partied like it was 1969.

Two days more of work followed after the festival and that’s it. No more work. Needing to register our truck and with Western Australia being the best to do so in, we went there. A bit of Fuck It mentality and 900 KM away made it to the mechanic only to learn we failed the inspection and not believing it, we went to another mechanic to have the same result. It was a trip to see what our truck can do and an inspection of the minds. Now that we didn’t pass and wondering what to do, we drove 900 K’s back to Darwin. The scenery was unbelievable on the way, Boab trees that made your mouth drop. These Boab’s grow in very funky shapes. Drove though a Swirly Wirly a mini Tornado.

After our failed trip to Kununurra, moved to the flat of our friends Clo and Ziggy, also there the homie Marco and Lauren who were soon leaving travel Asia. Same as us, after a night there Marco dropped us off at the airport and off we were to Bali, Indonesia.

Arriving in the Denpasar Airport in Bali, midnight time we were swarmed by taxi drivers. The scene can be unreal, at times you have six people following you. A bit of ashamed because the airport had beautiful, lush plants and trees growing there. Eventually made it to our hostel and went to bed. The first days went out with my tour guide Ben who came back in May. Saw the small local booths and then walked to a ginormous shopping mall. Met up with Eddy, Ben’s workmate, consumed Bintang. Earth Cafe was recommended to us by Clo, so we went to see what it was about. Needing a taxi a guy in a scooter pulled over and gave us a ride, three people on a scooter, Funny Scene. We were overwhelmed with all the Vegan options we got five items and got stuffed halfway. To work it off, walked to the beach to find locals playing futbol, so we joined.p1030042

Later, that night our friends Egle and Hannah made it to the hostel. Its great to make friends whilst traveling and meeting up in different countries. The morning followed with a taxi ride to a temple with a beautiful coastline, next our Villa we rented for a few days. With many Vegan Cafe’s around, spoiled ourselves with eating out. We rented scooters and rode to the Monkey Forrest, these monkeys loved their banana and can take it from your pocket. Later, we rode to Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Extraordinaire, what these people can do.