Month: December 2016

A September To Remember!

Just as the many months before, Work was main thing in life. It was getting closer to our retirement of work and needed to find a truck preferably a 4WD. After a quick look on Gumtree (Australia’s Craigslist), there was one just posted. A cruise through the neighborhood, we checked it out. It had everything…

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What a Circle we have done. 

So after 7 months or so we are back in Melbourne to ride the ferry over to Tasmania. We have celebrity Chef Andy from Germany working with us as we take on Chapel Street. Come and get tacos whilst they are warm.  Any Australians know where to get Maize/Maze Flour. Preferably a brand name MASECA,…

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Free Taco Southwest Rocks!

Cooking for the good people of Southwest Rocks using fresh and local produce. Picked up some tomatos, chillies, and lettuce this morning courtesy of Bob and Booey from Stone head. They gave us all the ingriedients for free. Come and enjoy some tacos if you’re in the area.

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​Out and about in the scorching heat of Nimbin. Come try our Teepee Tacos for free. Satisfying the munchy driven town of Nimbin. 

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