Cinco De Mayo!


And another one bites the dust! It is now May, the Mindil Beach car park was our home. Taking showers at the public facilities that turned off every couple of minutes, water from the outdoor hose and most of all warm humid weather was the routine. With all the free time not spent hanging out the other locals, we started to look for jobs and flats. Our first day of looking for work, We found jobs together at a restaurant. It was the first place we left our CV’s, they invited of us for a trial for that night. Did two hours, easy stuff, at the end of the trial we were offered jobs. We took the job, little did we know we were in for a surprise. A week passed until we started work and every day we would see at least one flat, if not more. The last day of looking we had a choice to be in the town center or a flat with a Fuckin Tipi. Not an everyday thing and it’s huge three and a half metres in diameter, you could fit a dinning room table and more. Actually, present day August 8, we just set it up at our new home. (Story for another month)


Everything  at this flat was cool just as the Tipi. Our room was downstairs of Granny Flat style house. The kitchen and other rooms were upstairs, passing the pool and a outdoor living area. The flatmates were Amelia from Austalia a journalist, Maggie Aussie also and a lawyer, Pier from Italy and worked with projection and video. Everyone worked different hours so it was normally a lonely house. The day we moved was actually a celebration we’ve been looking forward too, Cinco de Mayo! The year before was a Pachanga. Español for big party. This one was more chilled out as we unpacked and headed back to Mindil to celebrate with the others and teaching them the meaning of Cinco de Mayo. There was a market that day so the backpackers moved to the grass area. Under a beautiful Mangrove Tree we celebrated and waited until the market ended so we can score some free food. 

The following week, explored Darwin, the flat, our minds as we waited to start work. The wait was over we STARTED working at Char Restaurant. The work was simple, seemed to be a good start. For Junior the third day I had off, so I went to town to find a morning job and something different. On the last stop by I was told they not hiring but Charlotte from the kitchen saw me and asked if I can cook, I laughed and said yes. The kitchen jobs just come easier, and later got a phone call to come in for a trial the following day. The trial was great, the VIBES there were exactly what I was looking for. Took the job and before headed to BALI, Ben found us a job at this random Carnival. 

 It was for 2 days and easy money Junior worked at the most exciting ride and Ben worked at the little Tea Cups. Watched a great documentary and dropped Benito off at the airport, this left me with my own room for 3 weeks for the First time in my life. Was strange, first days were nice but then it got lonely as no one was ever home. 

After training at both jobs for about a week or so, the life of No Life started. I never calculated my hours of both jobs together because it would have made me nuts, at least 70 and at times over 80 hours a week. Ben later did the same. Its a sacrifice we did to earn money to accomplish our goal of starting a FOOD TRUCK PHTOSYNTHESIZE. Working in Darwin, we started using a bicycle more often and was glad to not drive. 

WATCH RACING EXTICTION! Great film about everything and how we should start looking for ways to preserve this BEAUTIFUL Planet we call HOMEEARTH, you don’t have to be a tree hugger just considerate, being more positive and thoughtful, know of the damage you are doing. Turn the lights off if you are not using, unplug electronics when not using especially phone chargers, less plastics, aim to eat meat once in a while, recycle as much as possible, don’t litter and ask to others, What are you doing to help save the Earth?.

Peace, Love and Happiness


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