Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins & Salad

Many people will be surprised to know that you can still make very delicious and tasteful baked goods without the use of butter, eggs and dairy. It’s a change from what I was taught in Culinary School. Thanks to the local Blenheim Library, I read a book on Vegan Baking with recipes and information. Chia or Flax Seeds ground up can be used as your egg with some water. It taught me a lot and how to replace animal products with plant based ingredients. I have a love for Banana Bread and also articles on Yahoo! and one day there was a link with 20 or so recipes of different recipes. With the knowledge I read I converted the recipes to plant friendly and tried each one out. Everyone in the hostel enjoyed the Banana Fiesta I made. Occasionally I Google vegan recipes but most of the time I just take it as a challenge to make the recipe Vegan.



Here I share a recipe of Banana Muffins that taste even more amazing than they look. And a Garbanzo Bean Salad they are also know as Chic Peas. The salad is so easy cook the beans with some salt and boil until soft after chop some Cilantro, Capsicum, Jalapeños, Lemon Zest, Radish and Purple Cabbage mix in a bowl. Grab a seat and go to Munchy Town.




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