Gecko Egg Pizza

Living in many different share houses and hostels can lead to meeting all sorts of characters. Some are really lovely and some are just french. On average, we live in 2 different flats in each town we live in. Wanaka – 2, Blenheim – 2 , Melbourne – 4, Darwin – 3 (if you include […]

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So working at the Milk Bar CafĂ© has let me experiment with making salads. It’s an amazing thing, you use whatever is in season and use new ingredients like today Black Rice. Why not use black rice it looks way better than white and is better for the body. Nature is a beautiful thing and […]


Photosynthesize Tacos

Our goal when coming to Australia was to open up our own food truck. After being in the land down under for 6 months, we finally found the perfect vehicle for our mission. A 4wd 1995 Mitsubishi Pajero. We have named the vehicle Food Wheel Drive and our project is Photosynthesize. It may not sound […]

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