Month: June 2016

March 2015

First day of March we bought our lovely van, Dorothy. She was equipped with intimidating sheep skulls, a full size bed and a stovetop burner inside. Bought it off of two german guys at the Auckland car fair. Since we bought their van, they had to find another car to buy at the car fair.…

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March 2016

  See You Later New Zealand! Shoots Melbourne, Australia! With work finished, we woke up early and had to remove all our stuff quickly out Dorothy, we had to drop off our home to a new owner, an Australian working the vintage. He dropped us back off at Copper Beech on the way to his first…

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Adventure Of A Lifetime

February 10th 2015 started off as any other day, went to Dennys for breakfast with the cousins. It still didn’t hit me that we (Ben and Junior) were leaving later in the evening and had yet to finish packing. Unsure what I needed and what I didn’t for the most part, a year later I think…

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